Processes & Team

Quality is a habit and is delivered by H&G corresponding to the client's requirements and achieving an uninterrupted work flow with a high level of genius in our system and processes.

The processes are strictly followed as Standard Operating Procedures by all our teams.


  • In-house sampling section with patterning department consisting pattern master, designer, stitching master & QC.
  • Creating Independent Internal Designs and sample range from artistic inspirations enabling the design studio to act as a support system for our clients


Quality Management:

  • With QA being implemented at the early stages including development, pre-production and inline stages, the final inspection, in most cases, is a mere formality.


Complete transparency:

  • The fundamental belief "NO Surprises" is to keep the client informed on a constant and consistent basis with the correct information.
  • This allows the clients to make informed decisions at the earliest possible stage and solve the crucial and critical issues well in time.



Besides the development which is our strength, Each client at H&G is assigned a Divisional Merchandising Manager, who along with the support of the sampling and development merchandisers,  fulfill the client's requirements and are structured to work exactly as per the needs of the clients. These are expert teams which have proven resourceful time and again.

We, at H&G, dedicate a separate Merchandising team for every client.

They monitor daily production and leave no stone unturned to ensure timely deliveries and quality products.

The departments work together as a team along with the other departments such as Accounts, HR, Social Compliance, Logistics and Documentation in order to achieve the final goal:

"Customer Satisfaction"